Potency Testing

Before cannabis reaches the consumer, it must undergo a series of mandatory regulatory compliance tests. These should be conducted by ISO 17025 certified laboratories.

Certified Laboratories

Regulated markets require that final cannabis products be tested by a third-party certified laboratory to ensure label claims match actual contents and products are free of contaminants, which may cause adverse reactions.

Turn-around times for commercial testing labs range from days to 3 weeks. The average price for a potency test to measure levels of THC and CBD is $75, not including shipping and loss of material costs.


Laboratory Errors

Inter-laboratory error problem, whereby different cannabis testing laboratories report radically different results on the same samples, is well documented.

Industry Stakeholders

Cannabis industry stakeholders have non-regulatory needs to test the cannabis they grow and trade. These tests are conducted in-house or in the field since results are required promptly and affordably to support operational decision-making. 

In-house testing is the smart and profitable thing to do for your business. It saves time, money, and possible lawsuits. In-house testing improves operational efficiencies for greater profitability.

In-House / Field

As per the 2021 State of the Cannabis Cultivation Industry Report about 30% of cannabis cultivators are concerned with increasing production yields and 28% are keen to achieve desired cannabinoid and terpene content. Altogether, there is a wide range of testing needs best handled in-house to benefit from timely results by cost-effective means, as for example:


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