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Perfect for In-House or Field Testing and On-the-Spot Results

The GC-PRO uses a Near Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS).

NIRS is an FDA-endorsed diagnostic technology for evaluating the identity, strength, quality, purity, and potency of pharmaceutical substances and products.

NIRS is used in many industries for Quality Control.
This includes food and beverage, agriculture, pharmaceutical, dietary supplements, polymers, oil, and gas.

Marijuana Cannabis Potency testing
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GC-PRO testing marijuana and hemp samples for TCH, CBD potency




The GC-PRO has tested thousands of marijuana and hemp samples for THC, CBD, and CBG potency

These samples were collected from around the world.

Each was cross-checked by testing again using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) at GemmaCert’s in-house ISO 17025 certified lab.

The GC-PRO accuracy is boosted by its proprietary 24-point analysis method.

Other solutions on the market apply a single point analysis. This one-and-done method may be quicker, but it is not accurate.

Test the same exact sample for THC potency on a GC-PRO and then on an HPLC
HPLC Result: 10%
GC PRO 24-Point Analysis Result: 9 – 11%


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“I am very impressed with the accuracy of the GC-PRO. It is well within my confidence zone”


Matt Gunter

Principle Consultant at Triangle Cannabis, Inc.

The GC-PRO is perfect for in-house and field testing because:

Fast method with accurate results in minutes.


No sample preparation – samples can be used in pure form.


Low cost per sample – no chemicals or solvents needed.


Environmentally-friendly process – no waste generated.


Non-destructive – use samples after analysis.


Easy to operate without any special skillset required.


Mobile – take it wherever you need to test.


Affordable - recoup your investment in less than one month by testing potency for 25 samples (based on U.S. regulated lab testing potency prices).


Certificates of Analysis – produce and print a COA after each test.

GC-PRO field testing for potency

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Marijuana and Hemp Potency testing and analysis

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